Moon Illusions Pegasus

Moon Illusions Pegasus Egg
Release Date June 29, 2013
Rarity Rare
Season Fall
Breeding Behavior Standard

The Moon Illusions Pegasus is a gold custom by Shortcake. Although it was always meant to be a rare basket drop, it did not actually appear in the basket until September 2015. Prior to that date, it was a breeding-only color.


Moon Illusions Pegasus BabyFoal

Moon Illusions Pegasus V2V2


  • This color once had the following description posted on the site's original forums:
The name and number 18 are inspired by the moon arcana from the tarot. The lettering on the foal and adult are in Japanese and reading "Moon Child", and "to the moon" or "dear moon", like they are the addressee of letter. The egg is based on moonstone.