Prize box

The item described on this page is currently disabled and is unlikely to return. It is not to be confused with the Daycare Gift Box or Seasonal Gift Box, which have slightly different mechanics..

Rarely, while navigating the site, users were able to find a Prize Box. If opened, the box could contain (at random) food, trinkets, silver, Gold Tokens, or horse eggs. The majority of the eggs found in prize boxes couldn't be found anywhere else at the time, and the season, weather, and time of day could affect what eggs could be found.

Horses That May be FoundEdit

Chocomint Unicorn BabyChocomint

Chocomint UnicornChocomint

Heliopolis Guardian Pegasus BabyHeliopolis Guardian

Heliopolis Guardian Pegasus V2Heliopolis Guardian

Psychedelic Pegasus AdolescentPsychedelic
day only, spring and summer only

Shatterglass Pegasus V2Shatterglass
winter only

Watermelon Unicorn BabyWatermelon

Watermelon UnicornWatermelon