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Punt a Beach Unicorn

Release Date June 2013
Rarity Retired
Breeding Behavior Uninheritable

The Punt a Beach Unicorn was one of the prizes during the fishing event in 2013. It was created for an earlier incarnation of Valley of Unicorns several years ago, and was also used on Celestial Vale, one of VoU's sister sites, where it was simply called the Beach Unicorn. It is now called Punt a Beach because on CV, it was a common and very undesirable color. When players got it via breeding, they would commonly release it, a practice they referred to as "punting".

This color was retired after an accidental, limited rerelease in Santa Stubby Butt's bag.


Punt a Beach Unicorn.pngV1


  • There are exactly 150 of this color in the game.