Shatterglass Pegasus

Shatterglass Pegasus Egg
Release Date June 19th, 2013
Rarity Very rare
Season Winter
Breeding Behavior Standard

The Shatterglass Pegasus is a gold custom by Zada2011, and can be found in both the basket. It was once available in Prize Boxes, and prior to the August 2015 basket update it could also be found during spring and fall.


Shatterglass Pegasus BabyFoal

Shatterglass Pegasus V2V2


  • This color once had the following description posted on the site's original forums:
The shatterglass is a Pegasus that prefers cooler weather than some others. Their name sparks from their unique coat pattern, which is noted to look somewhat like shattered glass. Their wings are a dark purple on the back while a light blue on the underside. Their manes are long and quite luxurious, with many hues of blue, purple and peach in it.